R ii

R ii is the companion piece to Restless NYC’s 2004 production As You Like: restless in arden. Shakespeare’s Richard II is staged for 3 male actors – the groom, the king and the jailer. The piece opens with Act 5, Scene 4 to find Richard “studying how to compare this prison” where he lives “unto the world.” His story unfolds retrospectively – like a prison confession – as he “hammer’s it out”.

I’m interested in the narcissistic confrontation between appearance and being – between anointed King and Prisoner. I’m interested in narcissism not as myth or philosophy, but as a mode of relating to others, as the structure of an experience that bends toward self-destruction.

Secondary Source: Stephen Koch’s STARGAZER – about the life and films of Andy Warhol.

There is a connection for me between how Power and the Gaze function for both Warhol and the Elizabethan Monarch.